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There is a lot to think about when getting ready to purchase a digital stage piano. What kind of building will the piano be used in most? What kind of sound system will be used along with the instrument?

Is it going to be a model purchased for learning and practice or is it something that will be needed for a live performance where nothing but the best will do the trick? The most important factor to keep in mind is what kind of budget do you have to spend on the piano? Here is a list of digital stage pianos we have put together for you to review.

Recommended Product Reviews

1. Yamaha P115B Digital Piano

Yamaha P115B Digital Piano

The authentic sound system that comes with this model reproduces the sound of the well-known Yamaha CFIIIs concert grand piano, making this piano perfect for both dynamic and expressive playing.

The pianist styles available with this model will transform your chords into an exciting sound for anyone listening.

The piano has 88 weighted keys to provide the feel of playing on stage with a real concert style piano. It comes with a controller app for any IOS device which will create a rich, graphic user interface which will allow simple and fast configuration and navigation.

This model has an amazing keyboard that is great for practice, whether you are tucked away in the privacy of your home or jamming with friends in a crowded music room setting. This model has an amazing sound, making it the perfect choice if you are looking for a piece for your home.

The size and mobility are great if you need a board that can move from gig to gig on a regular basis. Because of the entry level action of the keys, this piano is a great model for someone who is a beginner and looking for something to use to receive lessons.

2. Kawai ES 100 Portable Digital Piano  

Kawai ES 100 Portable Digital Piano Stage Essentials Bundle

The piano is an amazing value on its own without including the other four items in the deal. The Keyboard bad, double frame keyboard stand, on stage frame bench, and basic piano course lesson book just makes the deal that much more of a great value.

The piano has an incredibly advanced hammer action keyboard and includes 19 sounds, including, organs, electric pianos, bass, strings, harpsichord, and more.

This model also includes built-in drum rhythms as well as built-in lessons which makes it perfect for anyone who is just starting out and wants to learn how to play.

All of the extra equipment makes this deal great for beginners or an experienced player who is looking for a great deal. It includes everything you will need to keep your music on the go and will make for easy transportation of your equipment.

The frame, bench, and piano are all lightweight and easy to set up. This allows you to keep your focus where it needs to be whether you are headed for practice or lessons, or on the way to your next gig. Once the show is over everything can be gathered up just as easily as it was put together.

3. Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

Just like an acoustic piano, the keys on this model are weighed heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end. You will be able to recreate the natural instrument sound in stereo with this model’s advanced wave memory stereo.

The 64 note polyphony lets the player perform moderately dense piano passages with few notes, if any being cut off.

The featured dual mode allows two voices to be combined, such as strings and piano, creating an inspiring new kind of playing experience. With USB to HOST port, you will have the ability to connect and interact with a large variety of music creation, music entertainment, and music education apps with a mobile or computer device.

This piano is light enough to be easily carried and comes shipped in heavy duty cardboard for extra protection while being shipped to the player. They keys have been perfectly weighted, a feature that can commonly be hard to find with a digital piano.

The sound is so pure from this model that if the player closes their eyes, they would believe they were playing on an upright piano. Both the key action and sound make this one of the best choices when it comes to a stage piano.

4. Casio PX350 BK88-Key Touch Sensitive Privia Digital Piano  

Casio PX350 BK88-Key Touch Sensitive Privia Digital Piano with Acoustic and Intelligent Resonation System

Each of the 88 keys on this piano has 3 sensors and scaled hammer action. This model has a max polyphony 128, and comes with 250 built in tones.

It has a sleek design that will give the appearance the player is professional and only accepts top of the line standards.

The texture of the keys makes you feel like you are setting canter stage with a grand piano for your performance.

This model is far beyond superior when compared to other keyboards when it comes to the variety of tones. It also provides an amazing ability to network both with other technology and media and has a very pure playability.

This model will exceed even the highest standards, especially when compared to the models of other brands at the same price. This piano is highly recommended for beginners and those who are brand new to piano because of how easy it is to play and its similarity in both sound and key action to an upright piano.

It is also great for more advanced players who need a mobile board for extra practice at home or an easy piano to take along when on the go.

5. Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano

Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano

This model comes with an advanced wave memory sampling technology and simple one-button push operation. Because it is lightweight and compact, this model is perfect for the player who is looking for the easiest board to get from place to place.

Regardless if you are looking for a model to take to lessons and practice or to and from each performance, this board is a great option.

The keys are graded hammer standard weighted piano action which gives it the feel of an upright piano and dual mode which allows this model to layer two separate voices.

If you are on a budget and looking for the best available value, this is the perfect model. It is light enough to be carried under one arm and doesn’t take up space due to how compact it is.

This is a great investment if you are considering learning to play the piano and want to start off small to find out if it is the right instrument for you.For the price you will not find a digital stage piano with a better sound. The built in sounds easily compare and are equal to those of a model of double this one’s price.

Final Verdict

While nothing sounds quite like a grand concert piano, these digital instruments are about as close as you can get. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to music and looking for something to use as you learn, are looking for a home model for extra practice, or looking for a high performance model to perform a live show, this list of reviews will provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

There is nothing better for making a decision than getting a real feel and listen to an instrument and it is recommended to test a model for sound and touch before a large purchase is made.

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