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Are you a piano player who enjoys making music wherever you go? Since you can’t bring your piano with you, many musicians love the portability of an electric keyboard! Keyboard players can also appreciate a smaller, lighter version of the keyboard that allows them the freedom the play anywhere.

If you’re looking for the best piano keyboard for musicians on the go, look no further. I’ve searched the internet for the best keyboards, and found five great options for you. Here are five of the best piano keyboards available on the internet today:

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1. Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key Portable Keyboard

This keyboard from Yamaha is a great option for young musicians learning how to play. It has many cool features to help you learn to play the keyboard:

This feature is a great tool for instruction! In Duo Mode, the keyboard is separated into two halves, each with a middle C, so two people can practice together.

Teachers and students will both appreciate how easy it is to learn when playing side-by-side. The full size keys enable you to play on any piano, so you’ll learn how to play better and faster with this Yamaha keyboard!

Included with this keyboard is the Yamaha Education Suite, which has 100 preset songs that you can learn, and a lesson mode with nine steps. The first three steps are for your left hand, the second three are for your right hand, and the last three are for using both hands together. With this many songs to learn, there’s no chance of getting bored learning how to play!

You wouldn’t think a keyboard with so many features would be this light, but the PSR-E253 only weighs 9 pounds! That means that you can easily carry it anywhere you go, and you can also run it on batteries for those impromptu jam sessions or performances.

Other features of the Yamaha are an auxiliary line in jack, a Portable Grand piano button, and 385 different voice capabilities, including guitars, drums, and orchestra instruments. For a full-featured keyboard at an entry-level price, the PSR-E253 is a good buy!

2. Casio SA-46 Key Portable Keyboard

Casio SA-46 -Key Portable Keyboard

If you’re looking for a smaller, simpler keyboard that will fit in your backpack or bag, this one from Casio may be just the size you’ve been searching for:

The Casio keyboard includes 50 tracks that you can play along with! This feature is great to have when you’re in the mood to jam and nobody’s around.

If you’re in public, you can plug your headphones into the jack while you practice so you don’t bother anyone else. This way you can perfect your songs before you unleash them on the world!

With the flick of a single switch, you can change the sound of this keyboard to either piano or organ sound! Within these two sounds are 100 different timbres available so you can find the sound that you like the best. This keyboard can play up to 8 notes simultaneously, for a rich, full sound.

One feature that’s always nice to have on a keyboard is drum pads. Drum pads allow you to create your own beats, and then lay down some keyboards over the top. The Casio SA-46 has 5 drum pads on it for a bass drum, snare, high-hat cymbal, and two toms. For such a compact unit, this is a fantastic feature!

This keyboard is a highly portable unit that weighs only 2.3 pounds. It is a great option for any musician on the go, or a great way to get your small children interested in playing music!

3. New 54 Keys Music Electronic Keyboard

New 54 Keys Music Electronic Keyboard

This keyboard from K&H Manufacturing has a mind-boggling amount of features for a ridiculously low price. If you’re looking for a keyboard your kids will love, look no further!

This keyboard comes with 54 accordion-sized keys so it’s easy for smaller hands to play.

Your children will enjoy learning how to play on this kid-friendly piano that includes lesson mode and six demo songs!

This keyboard is loaded with different sound options! It has 16 volume settings, 32 tempos, and 7 different sound effects including sustain, vibrato, and chorus. The LED display lets you know which sound setting you’re on at any given time, and you can record tracks to play for your friends and family!

If you or your kids love to be the center of attention, this is the keyboard for you! It includes a vocal microphone so you can sing along with the demo songs, or any songs you create and record yourself. After you record your vocals, you’ll have a track you can play for everyone to enjoy.

This keyboard comes with a 9-volt adapter so you’ll never run out of power. While this keyboard is not a professional instrument, it is a great product with a ton of fun features that your whole family will love!

4. RockJam 54-Key Portable Digital Piano Keyboard

RockJam 54-Key Portable Digital Piano Keyboard

If you’re serious about learning to play the keyboard, you should probably take a close look at the RockJam!

When you buy the RockJam keyboard, you get one of the best learning tools available for free! You get 30 free songs on the Piano Maestro app for iPad, which is ranked number one among piano educational tools in 20 different countries.

You can place your iPad in the included music stand and play along with the Piano Maestro to learn each song. The LCD display on the keyboard also shows which keys and chords to play for each of the 8 demo songs, so you can learn them too!

The RJ-654 comes with 100 different tones so you can make completely different sounds with the same keys. You can also choose from 8 different drum sounds, including bass drum, snare drum, and cymbals.

Stretch out your notes with the sustain feature, or add a little vibrato if you like. If you need the perfect beat to play along with, the RockJam comes with 100 different tempos so you can select the one you like!

The RockJam keyboard has an output jack so you can connect your keyboard to external speakers or a PA system when you play in a large space. It also has an input jack for a vocal microphone, so you or your friends can sing along with the songs as you play! Input and output jacks are an important feature to have on any keyboard, making it more fun and versatile.

If a full-featured keyboard with inputs, outputs, and learning software included is what you’re looking for, the RockJam RJ-654 is a nice choice!

5. Casio SA-77 Key Portable Keyboard

Casio SA-77 -Key Portable Keyboard

This keyboard from Casio is a little larger than their SA-46 that we looked at earlier, and is a good option for those looking for a 44-key model.

The LC display on the SA-77 shows you which tone you’re using, which drum pattern you’re playing along to, play-along track, tune, and tempo.

It has all of the information you need in one nice compact window. While playing the included tracks, each note is also displayed on the music bars for those who can read or are learning how to read music.

This Casio keyboard comes with 100 different tones that you can play. Some of the more interesting ones are nylon guitar, trumpet and sitar! With all of these interesting sounds to choose from, you’ll always be able to find the right sound for your songs. A single switch toggles between piano and organ sounds, and you can play up to 8 notes together at a time with the SA-77.

In addition to the included 50 drum patterns you can play along with, this keyboard has 5 drum pads so you can make up your own beats! Included drum sounds are two floor toms, a high-hat cymbal, bass drum and snare drum. With this keyboard you can record your own drum beats and loop them for your own custom play-along drum track!

If you’ve been looking for a keyboard with a size that falls somewhere between full-size and compact, the 44-key SA-77 from Casio is definitely the best one available!

Final Verdict

For piano players looking for a portable solution, or keyboard players searching for a smaller version, all five of the keyboards mentioned here are top choices. However, I always like to name a winner when I do reviews like this.

Out of these five candidates for the best piano keyboard, I choose the RockJam RJ-654 as the winner! It has all of the sound features musicians want, it has input and output jacks for versatility, and it comes with 30 free songs you can learn on the Piano Maestro app.

I also like the full size keys and included music/iPad stand which the others don’t have. If you want the best piano keyboard at a great price, look no further because the RockJam RJ-654 is the best value around!

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