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For musicians in love with the piano, deciding which model will best meet their needs can sometimes be a little trickier than they might realize. There are several facts that need to be taken into consideration. A good place to start is how much room do you have available for the piano. There is nothing worse than finally setting your mind on what to get, just to realize it is too big.

Once you take care of that aspect, are you getting the piano simply for something to use as a hobby or will it be used to make a living and be a part of your profession? Is the model you are looking at one you could sit at and be comfortable for hours at a time? These just some of the things to keep in mind while reading these reviews.

Recommended Product Reviews

1. William Rhapsody 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano

William Rhapsody 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano

This digital piano allows you to choose from 12 different custom sounds, each in high definition. They keys have a great feel and the velocity is adjustable.

The elegant wood-like finish looks great in almost any setting. The piano is well built and for the price you will not be able to find a better value.

They keys are perfectly weighted and have a great response. The bass/treble equalizer allows the sound to be mitigated to your preference. While it might not be the best piano for a live performance, it is the perfect model for practice or someone who will be using it for relaxing or a hobby.

It’s ideal for someone who is beginning and just learning to play the piano. It is durable and can put with abuse from younger players who are in the process of fine tuning their skill.

This piano is easy to assemble and doesn’t require a lot of time for setup. The size is ideal if you need to be conservative with space and it can easily be moved around. The price makes the piano a great gift for someone who is eager to begin playing, the next step up is about double the price, making this a great value.

2. Williams Overture 2 88-Key Console Piano

Williams Overture 2 88-Key Console Piano

This piano does require some basic assembly, but the needed tools are included. The parts are well made and everything fits together easily. It gives you over 140 voices to choose from, creating a sound for any style.

It includes several instruments ranging from percussion to brass. The keys feel incredible, about as close as you can get to a real piano.

They are hammered action and weigh the same as real piano keys. The keyboard closes while not being used for added protection against accidents. You will be able to sample direct sounds from a world famous, grand piano and a collection of classic organs and several other electric pianos.

This piano includes 50 different play along songs and has audio inputs. It comes with a four speaker system for amplification which creates an incredible sound. While this piano may not be ideal for expert use, it is a perfect fit for any intermediate musician. The ebony gloss finish gives the piano a perfect look for almost any background or setting.

This piano doesn’t require much room and at just over 130 pounds, it’s fairly easy for two people to move from place to place.

3. Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

This piano is perfect for expressive and dynamic playing with its reproduced tone of a Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand piano. Resembling an acoustic piano, the low keys are weighted heavier than the high keys.

It has a memory that is filled with 50 classic piano songs, as well as the music book, “50 Greats for the Piano.” 

Fast and simple configuration and navigation is created through the Controller App for an IOS device, providing a rich graphical user interface.

Whether the player is ready to record their next number one selling single or simply practice one hand at a time, the 2-track song recorder is a great extra with this piano.

The weighted keys give this piano the exact touch of the real thing. The sound is clear enough that the player can close their eyes and easily imagine themselves on the big stage. Short of being a Clavinova, this piano is as good as it gets.

It also offers the player every item they could want from a digital piano. The instrument voices available with this model will leave the player in all as they listen and go on with the recital.

4. Yamaha DGX660WH Digital Piano

Yamaha DGX650WH Digital Piano

This piano has been sampled from the acclaimed Yamaha CFIIIS concert grand and is the only digital piano at this price that will give the player recordings from such an exclusive high end instrument.

The AUX line input will allow you to connect any device to output line such as mixers, computers, mobile devices, or even another keyboard which can he heard through the concert quality internal speakers.

The keys feel just like the real thing with heavier low end keys and lower weight, high end, exactly like an acoustic piano. The play along songs are professionally arranged with matching songbooks which will teach you to play songs from artists such as Adele, Elton John, Taylor Swift, and several others.

For this price range, you will not find more genuine feeling keys or a better sound quality. This is the perfect model for a player who doesn’t have the room or budget for the real thing. Being white in color will make it fit in with any surrounding.

Although it will take two people to move this model around, it is simple to put together, not requiring much time or effort. The portability is just an added plus to an already great value.

5. Little Legends LLSP25TWH 25-Key Upright Piano

Little Legends LLSP25TWH 25-Key Upright Piano

If you want the little musician in your life to get the best start available, this is the perfect model to get them on their way.

This toy piano has 25 keys that have been chromatically tuned. It is recommended for children ages three and up. It is durably constructed out of wood and doesn’t require much room.

The matching bench sits nine inches high off the ground while the piano its self reaches 20 inches from the ground.

This toy piano is not only perfect to put your child’s musical talent in motion, it will also be great for their imagination as they pretend they are the star of the recital. They will learn how to roll their tiny fingers along the keys created music for their ears.

There is some assembly required, but the piano is easy to put together and doesn’t consume much time in the process with easy to read instructions complete with imagery.

The piano’s color and sleek design will fit in perfectly with any play area or bedroom. Regardless if you want to get their concert career started early or just want to give them something to keep their mind occupied, this is the perfect gift for any child.

Final Verdict

While nothing sounds quite like a grand concert piano, these digital instruments are about as close as you can get. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to music and looking for something to use as you learn, are looking for a home model for extra practice, or looking for a high performance model to perform a live show, this list of reviews will provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

There is nothing better for making a decision than getting a real feel and listen to an instrument and it is recommended to test a model for sound and touch before a large purchase is made.

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