Best Electric Keyboards for Beginners - Reviews & Guide

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as learning to play the piano. For many years, the relative cheapness of pianos meant that many households had one, but sadly the practice of learning and owning your own piano has fallen by the wayside, meaning that less and less people own one.

However, if you’ve always wanted to learn to play, you can do so by buying and practicing on a keyboard. These electronic pianos are an excellent way to revive the art and have a lot of fun in the process.

But what if you’re completely new to the instrument? Where do you start? What kind of keyboard should you buy? To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of the best electric keyboards for those who are just starting out on the path towards piano prominence. After getting one of these models, you’ll be sure to become a master in no time.

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In your search for the best keyboard around, you may notice that there are two variations of this instrument. The first is what’s known as a keyboard, and the second is called a digital piano. So what’s the difference? Simply put, a digital piano has more options to play a wider range of music and gives you a greater degree of flexibility, while a keyboard just has a single set of keys.

That is part of the reason that keyboards are so perfect for beginners since they don’t overwhelm you with extra features and settings. That being said, here are the top electric keyboards for the piano novice out there.

1. Plixio 61 Key Full Size Electronic Music Keyboard

Plixio 61 Key Full Size Electronic Music Keyboard

First on our list is the Plixio Full-Size Music Keyboard. When you first look at this machine, you’ll notice that it has a bit of heft to it and feels quite heavy.

Additionally, it has a built-in stand for sheet music, so you know that it’s legit. As far as keyboards go, this is probably the gold standard, as it gives you the extra features you want without overwhelming you in the process.

As the name suggests, this keyboard is full size with 61 piano keys. While a traditional piano has 88 total keys, this is still a great proxy since it gives you a full range of sound. You may not have quite the musical range as a baby grand, but realistically you won’t need it.

To help out your musical abilities, this keyboard comes with a USB port so you can play Mp3 music to accompany your playing. One of the great things about keyboards is that you have many more options to create music rather than your standard piano sound, so the Plixio really gives you the extra tools you need to help grow your talents. To better listen to your playing, this keyboard comes with two built-in speakers.

In addition to the ability to play music, this keyboard comes with 100 rhythms, sixty demo songs, forty tones, and eight percussions, along with other sound effects. You also have the ability to program and record your music for posterity and to wow your friends at your next party. Also, it comes with a microphone so you can get the total music package.

To power your keyboard, you can either plug it into the wall or use six AA batteries. For maximum performance, Pixie suggests you use both, but that may be a little unnecessary. Personally, I like to keep my keyboard in one spot, so I don’t use batteries, but your needs may be different.

​Highlighted Features

  • 61 keys
  • USB port included
  • 100 rhythms
  • 60 demo songs
  • 40 tones
  • Assorted sound effects
  • Recording and programming included
  • Built-in sheet music stand
  • Comes with microphone
  • Uses six AA batteries or can be plugged in
  • Comes with one-year limited warranty

2. Hamzer 61 Key Electronic Music Electric Keyboard

Hamzer 61 Key Electronic Music Electric Keyboard

Next, we have the Hamzer Keyboard. Much like the Plixio model, this is a full-size keyboard and comes with 61 keys, so you have a wide range of sounds from which to play.

While the Plixio has a few more added features to make it stand out, the Hamzer is a fine quality keyboard that is especially useful for those who are just learning to play.

In addition to the 61 keys, this model comes with one hundred timbres, one hundred rhythms, and eight percussions. What I especially like about this keyboard is that it also comes with two teaching modes, so you can learn your favorite songs as well as the basics of playing the piano overall. It also has forty-six levels of tempo control so you can have more control over your music.

Like most keyboards, this model also has recording functionality as well as programming abilities so you can set different keys to play certain sounds. Also, this unit comes with external speaker outputs so you can hook it up to a larger speaker for better overall sound. While practicing, however, I find that using headphones is much more preferable (especially to anyone else living with you), so this keyboard is equipped with a standard headphone jack.

Highlighted Features

  • 61 keys
  • 100 timbres
  • 100 rhythms
  • Eight percussions
  • Recording and programming abilities
  • Built-in sheet music stand
  • 46 levels of tempo control
  • Two teaching modes for better learning
  • 12 demo songs for you to practice with
  • External speaker output
  • Headphone jack
  • Microphone jack included
  • Plug in or use six D batteries

3. Spectrum AIL 439 54-Note Electric Keyboard

Spectrum AIL 439 54-Note Electric Keyboard

If getting a full-size keyboard seems a bit daunting, then you might want something that’s a little smaller and more portable. The Spectrum AIL 439 is a perfect example of something that is light and capable.

Unlike the two models above, this keyboard only comes with fifty-four keys, so you don’t have quite the same range, but you can still learn the basics as well as make some really awesome music.

To help you create your own personal sound, the AIL comes with eight rhythms, sixteen tones, and eight percussions. It also has eight demo songs to help you learn the basics.

Additionally, it comes with volume controls, temp controls, recording and playback functionality, microphone input, and USB input. In fact, this keyboard is powered via USB, so you will need to plug it into your computer or charge it like a phone.

Other accessories that are included with this keyboard are a sheet music holder, a sing-along microphone, and a digital copy of keyboard lessons to help you get started.

Highlighted Features

  • Compact design weighs less than a pound
  • 54 keys
  • Sixteen tones
  • Eight rhythms
  • Eight percussions
  • Eight demo songs
  • Volume controls
  • Recording and playback ability
  • Microphone input
  • USB charging and input
  • Sheet music holder
  • Sing-along mic included
  • Digital copy of keyboard lessons

4. Directly Cheap Beginners 49 Keys

Directly Cheap Beginners 49 Keys

If you’re looking for something that is ideal for children to start off with, then the Directly Cheap Beginners Keyboard is a great place to start.

This particular model is super lightweight and very basic with regards to controls and features, but that just makes it the ideal device to help your child start his or her piano playing career.

This keyboard comes with only 49 keys and does not have any extra tones, percussions, or rhythms. Simply put, this is the most basic version of a keyboard that you’ll find. It also comes with a sing along microphone and a built-in sheet music stand to help your children start their music career early.

This keyboard does not run on batteries, but instead it needs to be plugged in.

Highlighted Features

  • 49 keys
  • Built-in sheet music stand
  • Lightweight design
  • Ideal for children
  • Sing along mic included
  • AC adapter to plug in

5. Black 61 Key LCD Display Electronic Keyboard

Black 61 Key LCD Display Electronic Keyboard

Finishing off our list is the Black Electronic Keyboard by AW. This particular model sits somewhere between the stripped down version of a keyboard that is the Directly Cheap unit and the full-size capabilities of the Plixio. Basically, if you want some degree of customization and want the ability to create your own music, this is a great place to start.

This keyboard is technically a full-size model since it has 61 keys, but it does not quite have as many playback options as some of the other keyboards on this list. 

Along with the keys themselves, this keyboard comes with twenty rhythms, twenty timbres, and eight percussions. It also has a forty-six level tempo control to help create the sound you want.

What I like about this particular model is that it comes with an LED display to help you know what you’re doing. It also has a teaching function to help you get started, along with eight demo songs to help you practice your skills. This keyboard also comes with recording and programming functions so you can make the music you want and play it back whenever you like.

You can either plug this model into the wall or use eight D batteries to use it on the go. It also has an external speaker output and a headphone jack so you can practice in quiet without disturbing anyone.

Highlighted Features

  • 61 keys
  • 20 rhythms
  • 20 timbres
  • Eight percussions
  • LED screen
  • Teaching function
  • Eight demo songs
  • 46 level temp control
  • Sixteen level volume control
  • Record and playback function
  • Key programming
  • Runs on eight D batteries
  • Plug in adapter included
  • Built-in sheet music stand
  • External speaker output
  • Headphone jack

Final Verdict

As a music enthusiast, I would highly suggest that you get a keyboard that not only fits your skills as a beginner but can help you as you develop your skills and get better. That being said, I would highly recommend any of the full-size models that come with 61 keys so that you can have a full range of sound and programming options for when you master your skills. Personally, I like the Plixio and the Hamzel keyboards best because they give you more control over your sound, but the Black model by AW is another great option.

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