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For most people, learning to play the piano is a rite of passage. For a long time, the art of playing the piano was seen as a way to learn valuable skills, such as discipline, dexterity, and respect. These days, however, most of us can’t afford to buy a full-size baby grand, so this tradition is falling out of style.

Thankfully, however, it doesn’t have to. With the prevalence of technology, there is now a way to get the piano experience without having a two-ton instrument taking up space. Digital pianos are fast becoming the go-to source for people who want to learn to play but don’t have access to the real thing.

Today I’ll be showing you some of the best digital pianos on the market so you can pass on this experience to your children and hopefully instill within them the same love for music that lives within you.

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When looking for electronic pianos, you may notice that there are two varieties: keyboard and digital piano. At first glance, there would seem to be no difference, but, as a rule, digital pianos have a much broader range of sounds from which to choose so you can get the full experience.

Keyboards are also usually much lighter and more portable, whereas a digital piano is meant to replicate having the real thing. Some models even have a full-size stand and come with a seat, so it’s almost like having a traditional baby grand.

1. Yamaha Piaggero NP11 61-Key Lightweight Compact Portable Keyboard

Yamaha Piaggero NP11 61-Key Lightweight Compact Portable Keyboard

First off, we have the Yamaha Piaggero NP11 Portable Keyboard. Yamaha is one of the top makers of keyboards and pianos today, and the Piaggero is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence.

I have always loved playing on a Yamaha, and this is no exception. To help you on your musical journey, this digital piano has all of the functionality and features of the real thing.

It is not exactly full-size, however, since it only has 61 keys. Typically, keyboards cap off at 61 keys whereas digital pianos usually have 88. Thus, this particular model is something of a crossover.

What makes this model extra valuable is the fact that it has Advanced Wave Memory Sampling, which is the digital equivalent of having a full set of piano keys. Simply put, this machine does an incredible job of creating the most vivid and vibrant sound possible so that you can create exceptional music.

Other notable features of this model include a metronome, ten preset demo songs to help you get started, a built-in sheet music stand, and a variable tempo range that goes from 32 to 280. It is powered either by an AC adapter or six AA batteries if you want to play on the go.

Highlighted Features

  • 61 keys
  • Compact design
  • Advanced Wave Memory sampling for beautiful sounds
  • Ten demo songs for you to practice
  • Metronome included
  • Dual speaker system
  • AC adapter
  • Runs on six AA batteries
  • Built-in sheet music stand
  • Full tempo control
  • Headphone jack
  • Auto power off to conserve battery life

2. RockJam 54-Key Portable Digital Piano Keyboard

RockJam 54-Key Portable Digital Piano Keyboard

Next, we have the RockJam Digital Piano Keyboard. This particular model is something of a cross between a true digital piano and a keyboard.

 The reason it’s like that is that it has sound effects and other features, which you can usually only find on a keyboard.

A real digital piano is designed to replicate the music created by a traditional instrument, whereas a keyboard can be used for a broader range of purposes.

Unlike the Yamaha Piaggero, this digital piano only has 54 keys. Regardless, for most musicians you can still get a full range of sound with this setup, so it shouldn’t be that much of a hinderance. To help you create your own sound, this model comes with 100 sound effects, 100 rhythms, and eight demo songs to help you practice your skills.

Speaking of skills, what I love about this digital piano is that it comes with an interactive LCD screen. This screen is especially useful if you are learning to play a new song. In addition to the eight songs that are pre-installed on the device, you can also download 30 extra for free on the Maestro iPad app.

Highlighted Features

  • 54 keys
  • 100 rhythms
  • 100 sound effects
  • Recording capability
  • Eight demo songs
  • 30 free songs on the Maestro app
  • Interactive LCD screen
  • Runs on six D batteries
  • AC adapter included
  • Built-in sheet music stand
  • External speaker output
  • Microphone jack included

3. Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Portable Grand Digital Piano

Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Portable Grand Digital Piano

If you want the full baby grand experience but want the versatility and control of a digital piano, then the Yamaha DGX-660 is the way to go.

This model is essentially a traditional piano, but it has the digital features that you would find on a keyboard.

This is the ultimate crossover instrument for anyone who wants something more substantial to play on. It even comes with a bench seat, so you really feel like you’re at a regular piano.

Just like the real thing, this model comes with a full set of 88 keys. That way you can get the absolute full range of sound possible, and you won’t ever have to worry about losing out on some notes. To better create beautiful music, this piano uses pure CF sampling to replicate the sounds of a traditional baby grand.

Other features of this digital piano include a built-in sheet music holder, an interactive LCD screen, USB connectivity, recording, programming, and playback functions, and an instructional book and DVD to help you get started.

Highlighted Features

  • Full size set of 88 keys
  • Pure CF sampling to create a truer sound
  • Furniture style stand
  • Bench seat included
  • Dust cover and brush to keep it clean
  • USB port
  • Record and playback function
  • Weighted feel to the keys to mimic the real thing
  • Interactive LCD screen
  • Built-in music stand
  • Bench seat opens for sheet music storage
  • Instructional book and DVD included

4. Kawai ES100 Portable Digital Piano

Kawai ES100 Portable Digital Piano

Much like the Yamaha DGX-660 featured above, our next digital piano is meant to replicate the look and feel of having a full-size baby grand in your home.

The Kawai ES100 Digital Piano is the real deal, with a massive furniture style stand, bench seat, and added functionality that you want.

Whereas the Yamaha piano is just designed to replicate the feel and sound of a traditional instrument, the Kawai model adds the extra features that you would find on a keyboard, so you get the best of both worlds.

Just like the real deal, the ES100 comes with a full set of 88 keys. The keys are also weighted so it will replicate the look and feel of a traditional piano. In addition to the keys themselves, this model also comes with nineteen different sounds, including organ, strings, bass, harpsichord, and more. This digital piano also has 100 different drum rhythms so you can create the exact style of music you want.

Other notable features of this unit include a built-in music stand, an instructional booklet to get you started, three sustain pedals at the bottom, headphones, integrated lessons, and dual playing modes. Overall, this piano has everything you need to simulate the real experience while also getting the versatility of a keyboard.

Highlighted Features

  • Full set of 88 keys
  • Keys are weighted to simulate the real thing
  • Furniture style stand replicates having a baby grand
  • Bench seat included
  • Seat flips up for sheet music storage
  • 19 different sounds included
  • 100 rhythms
  • Headphones included
  • Three sustain pedals for added playability
  • Instructional booklet
  • Integrated teaching lessons

5. Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano

Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano

Finally, we come to the end of our list with yet another model from Yamaha, the YPG-535.

This is yet another furniture style digital piano, but unlike the other ones on this list, the YPG is a more stripped down version, allowing you more flexibility as to where you can put it.

Also, this model doesn’t come with its own bench seat, so you’ll need to find a chair to accompany it.

Like its cousin, this digital piano comes with a full set of 88 keys. What I like about this model, though, is that it also has an interactive LCD screen so you can better adjust your sound and learn to play as well. The screen displays everything you need, including chords, lyrics, and notation.

This model also has a USB connection so you can record and playback on any USB device, as well as transfer music to and from the piano itself. To better replicate the sound of the real thing, this digital piano uses a proprietary software called Live! Grand Stereo sampling.

Highlighted Features

  • Full set of 88 keys
  • Keys are weighted to simulate the real thing
  • Interactive LCD screen displays all pertinent information
  • USB connection for recording and playback
  • Transfer music to and from the device through USB
  • Live! Grand Stereo Sampling for an authentic piano sound
  • Furniture stand included with sustain pedal
  • Built-in music stand
  • Recording and playback functions

Final Verdict

Overall, I love the look and feel of a real piano, so I would have to recommend that you choose a model with a furniture style stand. That being said, if you want the traditional piano experience, I would highly suggest getting either the Yamaha DGX or YPG models.

Yamaha is a brand that is committed to giving you the best quality sound, so if you are a piano aficionado, that is the way to go.

Alternatively, I do also like the added features of the Kawai ES100, since it can be a lot of fun to play around with different rhythms and sounds. I also like the fact that the Kawai model comes with headphones and a three pedal system, which is about as close as you can get to the real thing.

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